O&AN Readers show their Pride 2013


Debra & Tara Gordon



Debra and Tara Gordon have plenty to celebrate this month as the couple was recently married in Washington state. After meeting nearly 10 years ago in Delaware, the couple finally decided to tie the knot in a ceremony clear across the United States. “Nashville is the place that we call ours,” Debra shared. “We weren’t out in Delaware so when Tara helped me move to Nashville for music, it became us.”

“Our respite,” Tara adds.

You could call it a fairytale because you can’t make these stories up. Tara knew they were getting married in Washington but Debra had an entirely different ceremony planned—full of surprises—for Tara. From family members, including Tara’s mom, to flowers and decorations, Tara was surely a shocked bride when it was time to say ‘I do.’

Congratulations Debra and Tara! Here’s to another 10 years of friendship and love.

Andrew Lee Moyers & Ryan Whipkey


Andrew Lee Moyers (left), a recent Tennessee transplant from West Virginia is already a community member of the Austin Peay GSA and plans to enroll in the university in the fall.

Ryan Whipkey (right), currently a political science and secondary education major at Austin State Peay University, he also has served as the president of the university’s GSA since 2011, helping the organization to be named APSU’s Organization of the Year for 2011-2012. Whipkey is also involved with Tennessee Equality Project and is actively involved in several other university organizations.

Michelle Lewis


Michelle Elizabeth Lewis (Millie) has only recently discovered how proud she truly is. She is a 43 years young, male to female transgender in her early stages and growth towards her true self. Lewis’ stories of abuse at the hands of bullies, friends and family, show the true spirit of a survivor. Lewis’ transition has helped her lead a more honest life—one that allows her vocal support for the GLBT community.

Petey Peterson & Kaylee Jeske


Petey Peterson and Kaylee Jeske moved to Nashville in 2012 where Peterson (left) serves as a Program Coordinator for LGBTQI students at Vanderbilt University. Originally from Iowa, Peterson and Jeske recently celebrated two years as a queer couple. They are the proud parents of three pugs (Trice, Max, and Addi) and one black lab (Silver).

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