New Years’ resolutions should include gay businesses


by Bennett Robbins

Yes, it’s that time again when we make and break our resolutions. I seem to remember some years ago when I said that I would loose 10 pounds. I gained 10 pounds instead. I said I would eat healthier foods. I don’t think chicken fried steak is in that category. Nix that one. Go to the gym? The closest gym is 30 miles away, and I’ll just get on my exercise bike. Blew that one too.

So those are our great resolutions that went down the drain. If you have ever seen the statistics involved in New Years’ resolutions you know they are dead just as soon as January is over. But let’s talk about different resolutions. These have nothing to do with personal ones.

When was the last time you went to a gay (GLBT) business or used their services? I already know the answer and it comes from within!

I am as guilty as sin.  Even though I live in the exburbs and it takes 30 minutes to get to Nashville, I (and we) need to be beaten for not taking advantage of our gay family’s services.

Patronize Gay Business (and gay friendly businesses). Take a look at this issue of Out & About Newspaper. How many realtors do you see? How many bars are listed?  Need a car…they are in this issue too. Are you in need of a psychotherapist? I do. You still need to eat. There are many good restaurants listed.  And how about those great ads from Bridgestone. What kind of tire did you buy last time?

Do you get the picture?

It seems Tennessee has some issues with the gay community. This past election proved it. Here is one way to get back at them. Next time you need a haircut don’t go to your straight barber. Go see Adam or Rod or others in our family. If you need a car, open the current issue and see who is placing an ad. Southeastern Automotive could help you with that one.

We could go on-and-on but why? Stop using straight businesses and use gay friendly ones. It only makes sense. Let us put our money where it will help the most.

As for me…I bought Bridgestone tires this week. That’s one resolution down. And I decided to use some of my talents and support this newspaper and the community of family members. That’s two down.