New Nashville-based web series explores gay non-monogamy

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A new web series, THREE, is focusing on a common issue facing gay couples—non-monogamy, and the possibilities of polyamory—head-on. As interest in the show is building, with coverage from outlets as diverse as Huffington Post and Spanish-language, gay entertainment blog Ambiente G, Jeff Swafford, the series’ producer/writer/director sat down to talk with O&AN about his production company, the series, and why Nashville is home to it all.

His production company, Woodland, is a “currently a one man operation.” Swafford notes that he has “years of production experience from working in the film industry in Los Angeles and I decided to jump in with both feet, hire a cast and crew, and go for it. My goal was to develop a team that I work with time and time again and I'm off to a great start because I love the cast and crew I assembled for THREE.”

When he was asked about the inspiration behind the show he divulged that it all started with a photo essay that he saw that depicted three men living together in a polyamorous relationship, and it got the ball rolling. “This idea has been with me for a long time, and through the years many things have happened in my own relationship and in the relationships of people I know that have added weight to the story. I realized how many people were dealing with the issue of monogamy, and I wanted to tell a story that really explored what happens to a relationship when a third person is introduced.”

So how does this story play out? You’ll just have to tune in to Three to find out! As of this writing, two episodes of the first season’s six have been released on the THREE’s website. Swafford also mentioned that the second season, which will conclude the series, is slated to be filmed in early spring. Future projects that we can look forward to include a drama, Crazy All These Years, which will enter production this summer.

Swafford’s productions feature all-local talent, from their actors to the musical sounds of bands like Indiana Queen. This should come as no surprise, as Jeff himself is originally from Nashville. “I moved to Los Angeles from Nashville twenty-one years ago and recently decided to move back with my husband in May. Personally it has been a very easy transition coming back after so many years away – it felt like home right from the start. But I didn't really know what to expect in terms of the production community in Nashville. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is flourishing.”

Swafford’s surprise was based on his own experience. “I had never worked on a film production outside of Los Angeles,” he explained. One thing he discovered was that working in Nashville has its own distinct advantage, at least for his own working style. “I love the laid back feel I experienced shooting in Nashville. It's a tight knit community. Everyone seems to know one another, especially among the actors, and I look forward to doing more projects and growing as a part of that community.”

Well, Nashville is glad to have you back Jeff, and we’re glad that you’re raising the profile of both the Nashville web production scene, as well as the LGBT community. To keep up with the web series, visit their website or Facebook page.

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