New bar to open near Church Street


Sources have confirmed to Out & About Newspaper that a new gay bar will open in late spring in the Church Street area, making it the third GLBT business to open in that area in the last six months.

Lucky’s Garage will open with nearly 8,000 square feet (with room for expansion) near (but not on) Church Street. A lease for the building was signed last week.

The bar will start an advertising "teaser" campaign soon with some basic information including a logo and anticipated opening date. Information can also be found at the club’s website , which is currently under construction.

"The opening date is a moving target because they’re doing extensive remodeling of the current building," a source close to the owners of the bar said. "Other than that the owners have told me that they want to keep as much information about the bar under wraps until they are ready to open."

The new bar joins a host of other GLBT and GLBT friendly businesses in the Church Street area. Joe, a men’s clothing store, recently opened as did an expanded Red Restaurant (which now has patio seating and is separate from Tribe). OutLoud Department Store more than doubled their space by moving one door down from their old space. BLU nightclub recently opened an after-hours bar next to their current bar.

"The opening of yet another business on Church Street is a sign that the GLBT community is vibrant," said Christopher Sanders, president of the Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce. "The leadership challenge for any new business catering to our community is to combine profitability with service. Business owners can really achieve a market edge if they are known for being in-touch with the community’s concerns."