Nashville Untucked: Meet Brett Glamm


Hello, Untuckers! I’m so excited to chat with Brett Glamm this month. Glamm is part of the exploding Drag King scene in Nashville. In fact, Mr. Brett Glamm blew away the competition during this year’s Mr. Nashville Pride competition—which included an inspired, dramatic reinterpretation of the Justin Bieber hit “As Long As You Love Me.” Find out more about Brett Glamm in this month’s Nashville Untucked.

When was the first time you remember being inspired by a drag performance?

I was first inspired by drag performance when I went to Play Dance Bar for the first time ever and I remembering watching Jordan Allen, Xander Kneedy and d-luv performing. Their energy and realism were so amazing.


Do you remember your first performance? Can you describe it?

My first performance was at Play Dance Bar on a Calendar Boy Night. I was so scared. I really had no idea about taping or face or anything. I had so many people helping me but once my feet hit that floor and the music started my body and mind just let loose and it was such a heart-pounding rush. I knew st that point I had to be on that stage.


Why Brett Glamm? How did you choose your performance name?

I choose my performance name by coming up with several different first names and last names that were catchy and clever. It's funny because I put the names in a hat. That's really how Brett Glamm was created.


How would you describe your drag persona? How would you describe your actual personality and how does it differ from your stage character?

Brett Glamm is a pretty boy always trying to flirt and make the ladies smile. He knows that he can be cute and charming and is also very outgoing and loud. My actual personality is the opposite. I'm shy until I get to know you and out of drag my self-esteem actually goes down. So Brett Glamm and I are truly different. Brett helps me gain confidence and to come out of my inner shell a lot.

You won Mr. Nashville Pride and your performance was very theatrical. Do you have any acting aspirations? 

At one point I very much wanted to act. In high school, I was in a show for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. After school that died down but it's always remained a part of me.


What’s next for you in the world of drag?

Next is my upcoming King of Hearts pageant in February and then in March I will be attending and helping in Oklahoma City as a dancer in talents for Mister USofA.


Any words of advice for drag newcomers?

Yes, to any drag kings or wannabe drag kings: put your heart mind in soul into what you do because this is amazing. You gain friendships that you will never lose. And, if you need help, never be afraid to ask because there is always room for new talented faces and anyone can be a part of that amazing experience.

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