Nashville to play host to first reality show convention


Say what you will about reality television, but love it or hate it one is forced to admit that what once was just a trend in television broadcasting has taken on a life of its own and grown far greater than anyone ever anticipated—indeed it is truly here to stay for better or for worse.

In today’s broadcast culture reality television has become the norm even spawning mock reality shows in place of sitcoms where celebrities participate in a comedy based on their real lives such as Kirstie Alley in “Fat Actress” or most recently Tori Spelling in “So Notorious” or reality show ripoffs like “ Reno 911.” The truest litmus test that any movement in pop culture has taken root in the American consciousness is when groups of fans and geeks start gathering together to celebrate said movement. Nashville is about to make history on that front with the first ever Reality TV Convention to be held at the Nashville Airport Marriott, which is located at 600 Marriott Drive, Nashville, TN on June 3rd & 4th.

The organizers of the Reality TV Convention felt that the time had come to put on an event that would allow reality TV fans to gather to discuss their favorite reality TV shows and to meet some of their favorite reality TV stars in light of things like American Idol setting ratings records and shows like Survivor entering their twelfth season.

“This is a prime opportunity to do something groundbreaking,” said Marc Ballard who is organizing the historic event, “Nothing on this scale has ever been attempted with reality stars so we are really excited to be able to bring so many people from the genre together in one place all at the same time.”

The Reality TV Convention will feature approximately 100 reality TV stars from shows such as The Apprentice, Amazing Race, American Idol, Big Brother, The Biggest Loser, Forever Eden, Kept, Real World, Road Rules, The Real Gilligan’s Island , and Survivor.  Ticket information and a partial listing of over sixty of the reality TV stars already scheduled to appear at the event can be found at