NASHVILLE recap: “The Trouble With the Truth”

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It turns out that in fake Nashville, gay artists do get played on the radio because our sweet Wilma is in the shower (hello handsome) and he hears his new song on the radio. Real Nashville isn’t as tolerant. It wasn't until very recently they started playing the Dixie Chicks again.

After humping all night, Scarlett and Gunnar are late for their Rolling Stone interview. When they finally show up, the two can’t stop groping one another under the table and making googly eyes, but then the reporter brings up Zoey and the reporter is my new favorite person.

At the hearing for Maddie’s emancipation, Rayna’s lawyer warns Deacon that there can be no emotional outbursts. And that’s when Pissy (Frankie) saunters in the courtroom. Cash wants him there. Cash seems to be getting a lot of what she wants lately.

Juliette got the Best Actress Academy Award nomination for the movie that looked as cheesy as the title, Shenandoah Girl. When she calls Avery to tell him the news, she wakes him up and hears Victim (Layla) in the background. #TEAMVICTIM But, if I were Layla, I would have taken the phone from Avery and told her how choice her sloppy seconds are. ANYWAY, Juliette now thinks Layla is trying to ruin her life. We can hope, Juliette. We can hope.

So, in the courtroom, nothing is coming out that we already didn’t know. What I do find funny is that Maddie thinks that once she gets a record deal, she can support herself. Oh, Madds. A record deal doesn’t make you a star. Plenty of people have left Nashville penniless, on gas fumes and a prayer after having signed a major record label deal. Anyway, it looks like things are going Rayna’s way until Maddie’s attorney suggests they use their “alternate strategy” even though Maddie is very reluctant.

Emily confronts Avery for doing the nasty with Victim and thinks he did it to keep from being with Juliette. Hey, whatever works, Emily. But Juliette isn’t letting this go and calls Puke, asking if he told Layla about how Jeff really died. When Puke denies saying anything, Juliette becomes convinced Layla is after her and throws her phone at the wall. That’s the borderline personality Juliette we know and love.

There is an Ann Coulter/Rush Limbaugh type hack on TV named Cynthia Davis speaking out against Puke and Will. She is advocating against radio playing Will’s music because he’s a homosexual and she preaches the typical family values BS we all know is veiled in fear and hate. Puke wants to put Will on TV to confront the jerk face lady, but then decides to go on and face her himself.

The alternate strategy Maddie’s lawyer was talking about is Deacon’s so-called scary behavior and how he hasn’t been a father to Maddie for much of her life. That’s a low blow, you ungrateful brat. Maddie lies and says she has feared for her personal safety and doesn’t feel safe living with him, then leaves the witness stand in tears. For the record, your honor, I am perfectly fine with living with Deacon. I call dibs on Maddie’s room and Rayna and I can rotate evenings with him.

Skinny and Gunnar’s interview continues later that afternoon at the concert venue and the reporter asks what finally got them to become a couple and Scarlett says she was trying to be there for him when he lost his brother. When the reporter steps away to take a phone call, Gunnar gets mad and accuses Scrawny of giving him pity sex. I would imagine that most sex with Scarlett is pity sex, so…

Juliette is on a tear and ready to rip Victim a new one when she sees Avery go into Layla’s dressing room backstage at the concert venue. Juliette eavesdrops on their conversation where Avery says that Layla isn’t complicated and he still wants to give a romantic relationship a shot—even though she said she is okay with them being friends. Victim agrees to Avery’s suggestion and Juliette looks in as they kiss. I might have rewound that a few times because, sweet baby Jesus, Juliette NEEDED to see that several times!

At the hearing, Maddie’s attorney calls Deacon to the stand. He is obviously desperate to explain himself, but the lawyer dismisses him and then begins to ask about all of the public altercations and squabbles he’s been involved with. But things get worse when she doesn’t allow him to clarify anything and brings up things Deacon had done during alcoholic blackouts, including giving Rayna a black eye and killing a friend in a car accident. Rayna’s counsel is floored because he has no idea where Maddie got this information outside of hiring a private investigator. Then, it becomes clear that Pissy ratted him out. But he doesn’t stick around to find out and leaves the courtroom while Deacon is still being grilled.

Luke is getting the chance to talk to the pundit bitch, Cynthia Davis, and I hope he rips her in two. As Will watches, she brings up the typical crap about Will pushing his gay agenda on everyone. Then, she asks if Puke’s son brought home a man as his boyfriend, would he be happy. Then, Luke replies with “No, I wouldn’t be happy… because it would be a harder life for him thanks to people like you.” But, conveniently, Puke’s live feed cuts out after the words “No, I wouldn’t be happy.” Then, the horrid bitch calls for all of her bigoted followers to call radio stations and demand Will’s music be stopped. If you agree with her, go ahead and punch yourself in the face. It will save me the trip.

It seems Frankie divulged a lot of things Deacon told him in confidence as his AA sponsor. When Deacon makes his way to The Beverly, he arrives in time for Pissy to introduce Kelsea Ballerini, who performs. Deacon wants to have a chat with Pissy outside. Once in the alley, he confronts Frankie, who tells Deacon how Rayna threatened to ruin Cash. Deacon accuses Cash of leaching off of Maddie and then Frankie punches Deacon’s gorgeous face. As Deacon recoils, Frankie tries to punch him again and Deacon tackles him into a railing. Fists begin flying again after Frankie calls Deacon a leach and I am so concerned about Deacon getting his pretty face hurt, I have kind of lost track. But, the fight was broken up by a random bar employee. With a bloody face and a handful of people watching, Pissy declares “He tried to kill me!” And guess what? Police take Deacon away. Ooooohhhh… do you think he and Teddy can share a cell in the clink? It could be a spinoff, and likely, a better show.

Back at this never ending Rolling Stone interview with grumpy Gunnar and Scarlett, the reporter asks about Gunnar’s failed marriage proposal because (surprise, surprise) she had already interviewed Autumn. Skinny says they had already broken up and (fighting tears) tries to explain, but Gunn Gunn interrupts, suggesting they start getting ready for their show.

Now, Will is mad at Puke for talking to that frigid gay-bashing bitch, but Luke does vow to him (on the phone) that he will fight this battle together with our sweet Wilma. Then, Luke walks into Juliette’s dressing room and finds her in tears. She tells him about Victim and Avery and seriously, Juliette, you REALLY deserve this. You are worse than Frankie and Cash. ANYWAY, Juliette is more upset because she believes Layla doesn’t have ulterior motives with Avery. She also admits that it’s easier to hate Layla than admit to all of the pain she caused her. They should have kept Juliette institutionalized. Seriously, I know this is primetime soap opera stuff, but Juliette is bonkers.

Gunnar is still pouting right before he and Scarlett take the stage and accuses her of believing he is the same messed up person he was when they first got together and that maybe she is the one who hasn’t changed. Then, they go onstage mad at one another- and it shows. Gunnar steps back, dissing her, so Scarlett slinks to center stage, where the Rolling Stone photographer is catching all of the action. After their performance, the interviewer wants to know how they still make everything work and Skinny says it’s because they’re The Exes.

Instead of carting Juliette away in a strait jacket, we next see her having a chat with Victim. She comes clean about the real reason Jeff died and Layla, understandably, doesn’t seem convinced that she’s sorry. “This changes nothing between us,” Layla asserts. #TEAMVICTIM

Still on her apology tour, Juliette next corners Avery on her way to the stage and asks him if he’s happy. When he says he is, she cries and says “Good.” In order to cheer her up, Puke hits the stage with her to duet for her opening number.

As Will watches a TV report about the public battle between the homophobic harlot and Luke, he hears a commotion outside of his house. When he gets outside, a truck full of knuckle draggers has vandalized his vehicle with hate speech.

In the city lockup, Rayna is visiting Deacon and things continue to go downhill. Not only is Pissy still claiming Deacon tried to kill him, but both Cash and Frankie have filed restraining orders against him. And now Rayna is furious with him for putting himself in that situation in the first place.

With Deacon’s rap sheet in her hand, the judge in Maddie’s case grants her emancipation. She also issues a restraining order for Maddie against Deacon and releases the little monster from her recording deal with Rayna’s record label. Rayna sits in tears and Maddie tells her it will be okay. Whatever, you little spawn. What-ev-er!

So, now that Deacon is in the fake Nashville jail, it might be time for me to get fake arrested.



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