Nashville Pride 2015 Draws Jubilant Crowds


Despite issues with the inclement weather Friday night and a short downpour Saturday morning, Nashville Pride 2015 drew crowds throughout the day. Nothing, it seems, could dampen the joy amongst Tennessee's LGBTQ community and allies, who turned out in force to enjoy the musical acts, meet friends, and discover the many resources and affirming businesses that exist in the Middle Tennessee community.

O&AN reached out to Pride leaders about the extraordinary levels of attendance observed throughout the festival, but they declined to make a preliminary estimate. However, Phil Cobucci, who heads up PR for Nashville Pride, told the Tennessean that the festival "expected to draw 15,000 to 18,000 people."


​Those expectations, based upon the strength of the performers and the rising interest in LGBT issues, may have needed to be adjusted for the excitement many in Nashville experienced after the Supreme Court's decision yesterday. The ally community was very visible and visible excited to be out at Public Square Park. Based on the size of the crowd observed on site and the regular turnover throughout the day, O&AN staff believe that attendance likely exceeded 20,000, making it one of the, if not the largest, Nashville Pride festivals yet.