Nashville Gay Hot List: WTF Utah?!, Vanderbilt Divinity Dean drops the mic on Duck Dynasty


Yesterday we brought you the Laverne Cox video as she schools Katie Couric, and really all journalists, on the issues the trans community faces, Neil Patrick Harris won our drunken hearts with his Mexican margarita medley on Instagram and told you how you can support Tennessee Equality Project by wearing red to Tribe this Monday. So what else is happening?

NiH launches harmonious website

2013 Gay Faves LGBT Musicians Nashville in Harmony unveiled their new website this week and dare we say it's . . . TENsational? 

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.48.23 PM_0.png

Stay tuned to their new site for tickets for their upcoming Spring show, Choral Blast, at The Ryman Auditorium.

One more thing about Duck Dynasty

Sure you might be tired of the whole Duck Dynasty/A&E Saga but we dare you to read one more thing. We stumbled across an op-ed from Vanderbilt Divinity Dean Dr. Emilie Townes entitled "Duck, Duck, Goose."

In the op-ed, Dr. Townes says:

Where I grew up in the urban South in North Carolina, this is known as a hot mess.  And even more, it is frustrating for me to see such vitriol and stereotyping being passed off as coarse language, one man’s opinion about the rough road he has traveled to find salvation, family values, and then wrapped with unity, tolerance, and forgiveness.  This hot mess is about intolerance despite the matter-of-fact, that’s the way I see it Southern folksiness of his remarks. And it’s far, far from being moral. 

The rest is worth reading as well.

Take the O&AN Love, Sex and Marriage Survey

Marriage Equality has been the biggest LGBT newsmaker of 2013 and with February (and Valentine's Day) quickly approaching we want to know to know where the Nashville LGBT community stands on Love, Sex and Marriage.

Do you have a horrible first date story? Have you been married in another state? What's your biggest turn-on? Have you used online resources for dating or . . .?

It takes less than 15 minutes, so take the O&AN Love, Sex and Marriage Survey by clicking the image below for your chance to have your story in our February issue. 


WTF?! Utah


Are you married? Are you not married? Who knows right now. But we do know that today the Utah Attorney General said he was “unable to reach a legal conclusion as to the ultimate validity of marriage between persons of the same sex who completed their marriage ceremony in Utah between December 20, 2013, and January 6, 2014.” Read more here.

Miley Cyrus stuns in Marc Jacobs ad

Bangerz was one of our favorite albums of 2013 so we're excited for Miley Cyrus' upcoming Bridgestone show. And while the internet is flooded with all the shocking things Miley has done in 2013, we've yet to remark on how stunning she looks in this Marc Jacobs ad.


Oh yeah, maybe because she isn't licking a sledgehammer, twerking on the VMA stage or quite simply is clothed. Nah, the media doesn't care about any of that.