Nashville Gay Couple Share COVID-19 Experience

'You don’t want this. It sucks'

adam denision and anthony manning

Adam Denison and his husband Anthony Manning were acutely aware of the risks of COVID-19 when they departed on their cruise, even taking extra precautions while on the cruise to keep their hands washed.

Anthony Manning and Adam Denison
Anthony Manning (left) and Adam Denison share their experience of getting the COVID-19 virus.

The cruise they took in early March was from Key West to the Bahamas. He said they washed and sanitized their hands throughout the trip. The trip was part of a large group that was together for a wedding.

Adam took to FaceBook to share his experience and to warn others to take the virus seriously. His story was then picked up by local news media.

“It’s obvious to me many people talking about it on social media are still viewing it as a hypothetical or not-really-happening-here type of situation. Well, let me tell you, it is very much real, happening where you are, and this thing is not playing around,” he posted on FaceBook.

After someone else on the cruise tested positive for COVID-19, Adam and Anthony got tested at a remote testing tent Vanderbilt Medical Center had set up. The results they received on March 18 were positive.

He said he first experienced extreme nasal congestion, followed by a fever and coughing.

He is asking everyone to stay home and take the emergency seriously.

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