Nashville Gay Chamber calls on WSMV to put ‘The Book of Daniel’ back on the air


The Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce has called on WSMV-TV Channel 4 to put “The Book of Daniel,” a dramatic series about an Episcopalian minister and his family, back on the air.

An article in the January 13 edition of “The Tennessean” announced the station was dropping the program due to pressure from local viewers.

“Based on a review of the first three episodes and the clearly voiced concerns from our viewers, we have determined that the program ‘The Book of Daniel’ is not appropriate for broadcast television in this community,” said Elden Hale, Jr., senior vice president of Meredith Broadcasting and General Manager of WSMV-TV.

“The station manager at Channel 4 has made a hasty, poor decision,” commented Chris Sanders, president of the 165-member gay business organization. “We believe that viewers can decide for themselves whether the program deals appropriately with complex issues such as faith, sexuality, and drug abuse. The station is depriving families of meaningful conversation about these issues by caving to the pressure of a few.”

Viewers can voice their opinion of the program by contacting WSMV-TV Channel 4 at [email protected] or at (615) 353-4444.

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