Nashville Exposed – Jared Allman


Name: Jared Allman
Birthday: 06/08/1984
Astro ID: Gemini
Born in: Texas
Resides in: Nashville
Profession: Actor, Model, Server

He grew up Mormon in a small Texas town, riding an hour each way with his parents to church every Wednesday and Sunday until he was 18. So, when the Mormon Church made "in kind" donations in support of California’s Prop. 8 earlier this year, it especially angered Jared Allman.

"I feel like I invested a lot of my life into this church in my shaping and molding years," Allman said. "For my church to publicly donate to this cause and promote their hate is one of the biggest hypocrisies I have seen in my days on earth. No church, Mormon or not, should ever promote hate to and of God’s Children, regardless of sexuality."

While his small town upbringing made for a tumultuous adolescence, Allman said it created in him an ambition that can’t be deterred.

"Being from a small town were most people don’t even go to college, I have this built in drive that I want to succeed in every capacity – to be someone, to love someone, to accomplish things, to change peoples’ minds, and to ultimately, in some small way, change the world we live in for the better." Allman said. "When I was young, I missed out on a lot of life just because I was afraid to be me. But now, being gay is something I am proud of. It comes with a lot of ambition attached and helped me leave the small-town life in search of something bigger and better. Its also given me a confidence to be who I want to be, not what anyone tells me."

Photo by Ethan James