Nashville Dream women’s football team seeks new owner


The Nashville Dream Women’s Football Team is in need of a new owner. The team has been for sale for almost a year, but now the search becomes more desperate. If a new owner is not found the team will have to fold.

"I would hate to see the team fold, stated current owner Christie Trost. This team has been around for 6 years. Lots of hard work and dedication have been put into making it what it is today. It would be a true shame to see it all end, not only for the players and staff that have been a part of it, but also for the fans. I have given all that I can as an owner. Changes in my life are not allowing me the time that it takes to run the team. It is a tough decision but one that I know I have to make. My only hope is that someone will step up, see the potential that this team has, and make a reasonable offer."

The Dream is the original team of the National Women¹s Football Association (NWFA) which began in the fall of 2000. The Dream boasts winning records in the last four seasons and also qualified for the playoffs those four years. They were conference winners in 2001 with a record of 7-1. In 2005 they finished 8-0, earning the 2nd seed in the Southern Conference. They are known for their hard hitting defense, explosive offense, and overall team heart.

If you are interested in purchasing the team, please contact Christie Trost at 615-498-3580

For more information on the Nashville Dream please visit their website at

For more information on the NWFA, please visit their website at or call 615-860-4084.