The  The Gal Network (known as The Nash Gals in Nashville) is a non-profit and platform created to connect women and small local businesses with their community. The Nash Gals was created in early 2018 as an event-based network and hosted over 50 events in one year, encompassing over 16,000 local women and businesses. Since then, they’ve become more intentional in understanding and focusing on what the women in our community need.


One of the things they hear most often, whether from those moving here or already living here, is that interviewing for jobs and knowing what to ask for salary-wise, as well as knowing one’s worth in work industries, is a huge challenge. They’re creating programming in 2020 built to empower women in their career paths, no matter what they are, and helping them understand their worth, no matter what the industry!

To jump start these efforts, they’ve created an anonymous form (truly anonymous, we can’t even see the IP) asking about job positions, salaries and bonuses, in order to curate a list that can be referenced by all on our website. This, they hope, will women (and everyone) should ask for what they deserve and that there should be transparency.

Once populated, they’ll share this resource on their website (along with other resources, like lists of trusted doctors and similar services, and much more).