Music City Rollers holds Annual Bowling Banquet


The Music City Rollers held their Annual Bowling Banquet Sunday May 1 at Devil’s. Awards were given out to Outstanding Bowlers. A couple of individual recognitions went to Dawn Stout who rolled a 600 series and Bill Tippitt who had the highest total pins. Outloud and Proud was the winning team. The team consisted of Shannon Porter, Leg Liander, Richard Woosley and Terry Baggett. (pictured below) This was their first year bowling together. They said that it was a close finish this year, winning by only one-and-a-half games. Individuals pay $12 each week to contribute to the final prize money, which is then distributed to each team, according to their placement. This year’s league doubled from last year with 16 teams participating in the league. The 2005-2006 Season starts September 11, 2005 and runs for 28 weeks, with time off for Christmas and New Years. Anyone interested in joining please contact Dewayne Thrower, who will become the new president of the 2005-2006 Season.