MTSU celebrates LGBT History Month with Lambda 25th anniversary exhibit


They say if you want to know where you’re going, then you just have to look at where you’ve been. Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Lambda President Joshua Rigsby has done just that for the 25th anniversary of the campus’ Lambda organization.

MTSU’s Lambda organization has been honored over the years with campus awards including the 2005 Education Event of the Year for their Spring Out programming and the 2007 award for Cultural Event of the Year, but it’s Rigsby’s dedication to raising awareness in the Metro-Nashville LGBT community of the organization that has raised the bar.

In the 2012-2013 school year, Rigsby was responsible for bringing noted trans* activist Chaz Bono as well as establishing the inaugural LGBTQ Advocacy Award. Rigsby raises the bar once again this year in working with the MTSU Lambda Alumni to bring together an archive of items that represent the 25-year anniversary of MTSU Lambda.

The archive will be on display in the MTSU Library throughout the month of October and will include copies of the Sidelines article that spurred MTSU students to found Lambda in 1988 as well as the pins the organization wore and school memos that recognize the organization’s founding.

MTSU Alumni who identify as LGBT or their allies are urged to attend the organization’s Alumni Dinner on October 19. For more details, click here