Mpower brings opportunity for friends and fun


KNOXVILLE – River rafting, holiday parties, bowling, book-club discussions, dining with friends – all of these activities have been on the Mpower schedule in their first year of offering an alternative social outlet for the Knoxville-area GLBT community.

Although they are clearly a diverse and inclusive group, they do focus primarily on offering social activities for gays and lesbians in the area. They are quick to point out that they have no religious or political agenda, and that their goal is simply to provide enjoyable activities for their members.

Co-sponsored by the Church of the Savior – UCC and the Metropolitan Community Church of Knoxville, Mpower’s name comes from the empowerment and strength in the face of oppression that they hope to bring to their members. They find liberation in inclusion and diversity.

While there are no fees or dues, members must pay their own way for any expenses associated with the various activities.

For further information, contact them by email at [email protected] or drop by the church at 934 Weisgarber Road in Knoxville.