Memorial service set for Whalen


By Jason Steen
As Posted in FaceBook

As many of you may know, a member of our Nashville community was found dead on Thursday morning, the result of a stabbing while in prison. Daniel was scheduled for a parole board hearing for early release on Oct 1. If you’ve ever heard of, or been a part of, One-In-Teen – then you have Daniel to thank for helping to get the group off the ground as one of the original members as a teen. O&A has a story here: and there is a growing number of rememberances from friends and family on the local news station where it happened:

Daniel was 32, and faced a lot of struggles, including addiction, that is all too common in our community. He had turned his life around and was looking forward to a return to his family as soon as the end of the year. From what family and other inmates have said, an elderly inmate had some commisary items stolen from him and Daniel was trying to recover the items, which resulted in his being stabbed several times.

Although it’s been a few years ago, I knew Daniel for a period of time, and I know I speak for all his friends when I say he was one of the most caring persons, and he will certainly be deeply missed. Visitation will be on Monday here in Nashville, and I believe the service will be on Wednesday. If you want the details send me a message and I’ll get them to you, and please take a moment to remember Daniel, and cherish every moment of every day, and live life to it’s fullest.