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What Makes Me Different?

Tonight I attended an At-Large forum hosted at Lakewood Christian Church in Antioch.  There were 200 in attendance to watch the 19 of the 26 candidates try and distinguish themselves from the extremely large field. With so many running, you have to take any chance you have to set yourself apart.  Two of the most conservative, anti LGBT candidates are sitting to my right, we are in the sanctuary of a church, a very large crowd of moderate to strong conservatives, and these were my closing remarks.

"We announced our race over two years ago, we announced that we would be the first openly gay candidate for a county wide seat in Metro Nashville history, but that was not the reason.  I didn't want to start my life in public service with a lie.  We gained a great deal of support, "you have our vote!" and "Finally!" but the comments on the other side were less than welcomed. "He deserves a good pat on the back…from a thousand yards away" accompanied by a picture of a man, crouched down, in the position, with a sniper rifle.  A few more death threats, countless people telling me I was going to hell, and all I could think about what I would say once elected to Metro Council…wanna know what I'd say to them?  Hi…I'm John Lasiter, I'm your Metro Councilman…what can I do for you?"

"I will never fight hate with hate, or judgment with judgment, that's what makes me different"




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