Lambda Car Club: Why I’m a Member


    by J.C. Conway


    One of the many things I like about the Lambda Car Club is that it’s as much a social club as a car club. We hold a monthly cruise-ins/meet-and-greet events year ‘round.

    But, in the colder months especially, we have members that will host movie nights, usually with a car-themed movie, drive-n-dines to local restaurants, and pizza nights at collectible car consignment shops. In the summer we host pool parties and boat trips on the lake. In the fall, we organize a three-day Fall Color tour that is always a lot of fun and well attended. These events give non-car partners a chance to join in.

    Of course, we do a lot of car-specific activities, such as hosting how-to clinics for mechanical work, organizing salvage yard excursions, and participating in car shows.

    I’ve been a member since 1989 and I met my husband through the club 20-some odd years ago. A good number of my friends are club members. There are many car clubs around the city, and most are much more open to gay people that in the past, but Lambda is different, not only in its activities but in the variety of cars that our members collect: from luxury cars to economy cars, exotics to trucks, old and new, trailer queens and diamonds in the rough, our cars run the gamut.

    I’ve been a “car nut” since I was a tyke, so seeing these great cars and often being able to ride and drive them is a real treat.