In celebration of June as Pride Month in Davidson County, the LGBTQ Liaisons for Mayor John Cooper’s Office, the Metro-Nashville Police Department, and the Nashville Fire Department have partnered to sell a 2020 limited-edition Nashville Pride T-shirt to benefit Nashville Launch Pad.


Nashville Launch Pad is an LGBTQ-affirming emergency shelter program for young adults experiencing homelessness, which operates on an annual basis during the cold-weather months, Nov. 1 to March 31.

VIDEO: Metro Nashville LGBTQ Liaison Officer Nakia Reid, Nashville Fire Community Services LGBTQ Liaison Matthew Fuson, and Mayor’s Office LGBTQ Liaison Brandon Marshall explain how people can purchase a shirt. 


Local company Sideline Promotions will manufacture the shirts. Each shirt costs $20 (and $5 for shipping). Starting June 1, anyone can order t-shirts through June 14th, with all proceeds directed toward shelter, food, and bus passes for LGBTQ youth this upcoming winter.

Nashville Launch Pad Board President Rose Marie Pink said that, even during the current public health emergency, the non-profit has continued to help vulnerable young adults in Davidson County.

“This past cold-weather season, which was cut short by the emergence of COVID-19 in Nashville, we provided over 1900 beds to more than 100 individuals experiencing homelessness. In mid-March, recognizing the dangers of congregate shelter during a pandemic, Launch Pad moved our guests into a motel and extended our regular season well into the month of May. We are still hosting a smaller number of high need individuals who are in the process of finding more permanent housing. Launch Pad has covered all motel costs for these individuals. We are planning to open our shelter again as in November, but are looking at alternative approaches in case a need to stop the spread of COVID-19 is still a significant reality in our community.”