Mary, Did You Know

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Closeted Gay: A repressed gay man or lesbian, who hides his true sexual orientation from the public and those around them. Often for fear of persecution, rejection, but not always for negative reasons, does he choose to not “come out of the closet”.

He thinks he a metrosexual. She just really likes softball. But we know they’re both a few tequila shots away from the truth. And we also know what they’re going through, so help them reach their full potential with some therapy sessions from Life Coach Batya Winninger.

Wininger focuses on helping people achieve their goals by making positive life changes and breaking through the creative blocks that stifle many of us, fence-sitters included. Assure him that it isn’t therapy. Winnnger helps people find their muse. Get more information about Wininger’s services at

Purchase a few sessions for your closeted friend to help him or her think ‘outside the box.’ And by box, we mean closet.

We also suggest that you set that boy, um, straight with some tunes that will showcase his not-quite-out side while also shielding him from the upstairs neighbor’s contempt. In other words, dial up some Rufus Wainright.

In addition to his new CD, “Release the Stars,” Wainright has come out with “Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall,” a tribute to the legend’s double-album performance at the famed New York venue.

Just think of how liberated, in an unliberated way, your favorite closeted feller will feel as he prances about his abode singing “Over the Rainbow,” Come Rain or Come Shine” and “Zing Went the Strings of My Heart” along with another man.

Available at your favorite gay-operated retail outlet or online at and other outlets.

May we also suggest a home subscription to O&AN? For the closet-gay on the go who can’t dare be seen picking up a GLBT publication, we’ll deliver to their door in subtly wrapped packaging. Our articles and advertisers could inform and inspire your friend to open the door to our fabulous world. Click subscriptions at