Maggie Bags offers enviro-friendly fashion


Seat belt webbing may seem decidely unsexy, but one Tennessee company is using the tough material to produce an in-demand fashion accessory.

This polyester webbing can be rejected by manufacturers for the slightest color variation, but it remains a durable product that serves a unique and useful purpose.

Tennessee Webbing Products Company has recycled millions of yards of narrow fabrics since they began operation in 1991. The core of their business is dedicated to recycling and re-purposing surplus and scrap narrow woven fabrics. Maggie Bags were launched last year and have given them the opportunity to recycle unwanted seat belt webbing by creating a fashionable line of handbags.

Maggie Bags are now available in over 400 stores across the United States. According to Woody Dew, president of Maggie Bags, their patented design is both functional and fashionable.

"Everyone has a social responsibility to recycle and we feel that carrying a Maggie Bag makes that fashion statement for you," he says. "We are constantly developing new products from this versatile material. Recently we introduced our Maggie Bags belt, wallet and keychain."

In addition to being an environmentally-friendly business, the company has also given back to the community in a variety of ways. Many of their charitable efforts have been promoted through popular YouTube gurus.

"Currently we are supporting AIDS research, Haiti relief (Doctors Without Borders) and breast cancer research," Dew says. "During the holiday season, we donated 10% of our sales of Red Maggie Bags to AIDS research. We designed a special Maggie Bag in the national colors of Haiti including a custom commemorative medallion. Along with proceeds from direct sales, many of these bags were given away for raffles and fund-raisers to benefit Haiti."

Maggie Bags are available in 14 different styles and a variety of colors. The company offers the following types of bags: totes, messenger, hobo, laptop, diaper bag, backpack, clutch, cosmetic. Suggested retail prices range from $34 to $155.

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