I’m not going to lie to you…it was an overwhelming sea of red hats spread out in front of us all day on Sunday. Some had lined up for opportunity to hear Donald Trump live in person since four that morning.

Facing them were a vocal, yet severely outnumbered group of peaceful protesters…many of whom openly displaying their pride in being a part of the worldwide LGBTQ+ family. My back of the envelope estimate of seventy Trump supporters in line to see the man in person per protester may be a conservative estimate.

The lessons today: our siblings in the Tennessee Valley are dedicated and brave…and those of us who came from Nashville to witness their stand against hate are walking away realizing just how truly lucky we are.

The following is unedited video and photos from the Chattanooga Stand For Peace rally (we tried to air it live on our social media…no dice).

What can we in Nashville do to help the Chattanooga and rural LGBTQ+ communities out? Vote on Tuesday, if you have not done so already. Because it truly was a scary scene today…


Julie Chase With Chattanooga Police Chief Dave Roddy


Julie Chase With Sydney Valencia at Anti-Trump Protest


Ginger Moss and Marie Mott at Anti-Trump Protests in Chattanooga