Local entrepreneur takes a leap of faith to Love Thy Pet


Last spring, Susan Gates took a leap of faith and started her own business by becoming a licensee of Love Thy Pet (LTP), a mobile pet grooming service. 

Susan wasn’t originally a groomer so she spent months training with the owner of LTP.  She purchased and fit her own trailer with all the necessary amenities in order to provide a top-notch experience for Nashville area customers. 

Grooming Challenges

One of the most difficult things to get accustomed to has been the fact that the pets don’t often stay still while being groomed.  Gates comments, “Fortunately, the grooming profession is well aware of this problem and has come up with things like blunt-tipped scissors so an unexpected move at the wrong time won’t necessarily result in a wound.” 

She has become very well-adept at working with dogs with all kinds of temperaments, stating, “I don’t discriminate unless the dog is a biter.  I’ll do the so-called “dangerous” breeds if the dog is calm and well-behaved.  Even if I run across a biter, if the owner is willing to be there to help control the animal, I’ll still attempt the groom.”  Gates further added, “ I have also come to the aid of clients whose previous groomers wouldn’t help anymore due to age or infirmity.  In fact, we have liability policies in place that allow LTP to manage dogs other groomers won’t take on.”

 Spring Grooming Anticipation

Gates is especially looking forward to the “spring shave down season”, a time when many clients want their dogs ‘shaved’ before the summer heat arrives.  Open for business weekdays from 9 to 6, she will bring her self-contained grooming trailer to a client’s home or office and groom the pet onsite, reducing stress for both the owner and the pet.  The owner isn’t required to be at home when the service is provided and Gates ensures pets are kept as comfortable as possible with immediate one-on-one attention.

 Grooming Service Specifics

LTP will bathe and trim as well as check for underlying skin problems.  Trimming is performed to the owner’s specifications and includes sanitary/hygiene areas and cleaning of the foot pads. LTP also has several additional services available such as a massaging bath, teeth brushing and grinding of the nails. 

Love Thy Pet serves metropolitan and surrounding areas of Nashville.  For more information on Susan Gates’s mobile pet grooming service visit http://www.lovethypet.com/ or call her at 615-351-8473.