Little Mexico joins list of ‘family’ friendly restaurants


A Donnelson restaurant has been added to the growing list of local eateries giving new meaning to ‘family’ restaurants.

Javier Cruz and Tim Jarmin have taken over the Mexican eatery formerly known as La Siesta, located at 519 Donelson Pike. Now called Little Mexico, the restaurant joins area GLBT-owned establishments including Nashville’s Castrillo’s Pizza, Radius10 and Red Restaurant.

The restaurant offers a wide array of Tex-Mex and American food including multi-meat fajitas, broccoli casserole and even mashed potatoes. 

Little Mexico delivers within a five mile radius and is available for events and catering.

Cruz, who was raised in Acapulco, Mexico, has worked in the restaurant industry for more than ten years. Five of those years he worked at La Siesta.

"The previous owner (of La Siesta) basically handed it over to us in April of 2008 after I expressed an interest in it," Cruz said.

Cruz and Jarmin partnered together on the business venture shortly after Jarmin left his job at Dell.

"It made sense for Tim and I to run the restaurant," Cruz said. "It is located right down from my house, and I have enjoyed working there for years."  

Cruz said the team is working on improving service and making menu changes for competitive pricing to remain affordable.