Little Drummer Boy Next Door


Boy next door: a young gay man who contains an adorable amount of innocence and shyness, all the while projecting a wholesome attractiveness and an unassuming attainability that make him the everyday dream of many men in the gay scene. Some young men may use the boy-next-door ploy to get their way, but more often than not, a genuine BND has a subtle charm that can’t be duplicated by an imposter.

Want to train that sweet young thing next door up right and make him the quality homosexual he ought to be? Then start stockpiling his collection with the classics.

Well, at least the John Waters classics.

Start with “Hairspray,” both the original and the new musical, just released on DVD. While the musical has its quality moments, it’s just hard to top Debbie Harry in a serious, bomb-laden Marie Antoinette wig. And don’t miss the Ric Ocasek/Pia Zadora cameo as swinging beat kids, kids.

And if all that’s not too over the top for our boy, throw in some classic DVDs like “The Women.” Every decade or so, the newly out 20-somethings stumble upon this 1939 classic and shriek like nobody’s business. For anyone over 30 it can be a bit wearying to hear them mouthing all the good lines, but it’s all in good fun and a pretty harmless gay-man rite of passage.

Want to give your boy a gift that will last all year long? Season passes to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center or a year’s membership to the Frist Center are a perfect way to help him enjoy quality gay culture throughout the year. And, they provide him plenty of opportunities to ask you to come along. Visit and for more information.