Leg Liander: an artist of many facets

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When I decided to do an Aspiring Artist column my first thought went to my friend Leg. She was born in Patchogue, Long Island and then moved to Florida for a spell before being raised in Middle Tennessee. Leg’s first foray into the entertainment world was while performing with the family band led by her mother, affectionately called Mud.  Her mother is the basis of several musings found on her various websites.

Leg first learned to play the drums before teaching herself to play the guitar. She moved back to Nashville in the early 90’s and while she was on her own she made a few demos which led to her being in a band called S.P.A.M. (Super Pimps at the Mall). Of her time with the band she says, “It was a laugh but we were serious about getting out and making a mark.”  S.P.A.M was “a mash of music, poetry, dance, and violence.”  Leg eventually taught herself to play the ukulele and she continued to make wands for “Harry Potter” fans, wiccans, and fairies.  In addition to woodworking, she also knows how to sculpt with many small art pieces being sold to private collectors. 

Life changed for Leg when she was looking for “warmth and a Wi-Fi connection”.  According to Leg, she found a “group of poets, a small crowd poised to embrace this town, and all who wish to speak freely or listen.”  Leg merely listened at first and then she was approached to speak.  In that first moment of speaking for this group of people, something awakened inside her allowing herself to be free.  “It was a moment of awakening for me.  The love I felt, the excitement, and the sense of really belonging to something.  It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was powerful enough to shake me from my stupor”  Her poem “Awakened” is about this experience:

Asleep for so long.

Pins and needles in my brain,

A slow waking process; one eye open

The brightness of it all is shocking but not overwhelming

Standing, I look around

It’s familiar but new

And I notice I am not afraid

I think I might be happy…

Going to public places, I do not feel out of place

What I want seems natural, obtainable

My focus positive and crative

The stage catches me unaware but it is a jolt.

And for the first time in years it turns me on

I feel excited about my art; my performance

To feel nothing is sometimes preferable to pain but I had felt nothing for so long

I suspected that was all there was for me.

So glad to be wrong; to be shaken awake by desire

Held by a gaze and not be threatened or needy

Just aware of beauty and recognition

Thankful that I can see and understand; to be alive is an amazing thing

To be awake and aware is a gift I do not take lightly

For your prat; for this moment and I mean this

Thank you.

Upon finding the warmth she was once searching for Leg hasn’t slowed down.  She still writes poems, songs, and stories to share with those who are willing to open their hearts and listen.  Leg performs on average, ten times a month.  She is a regular at Cult Fiction Undergrounds DNR night of free speech which is on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and is located at a new location on Trinity Lane.  She also performs at Cafe Coco on Louise every Thursday.  Basically anywhere she can find an open-microphone and an audience ready to listen is where you will find Leg performing.  Her upcoming special performance will be on November 5th at her workplace, Zanies, where she will be a part of “Girl on Girl Comedy”. 

I’ve read Leg’s work, I’ve heard her sing her songs, and I’ve heard her play the guitar and the ukulele and she is amazing.  You can hear the passion in her voice and you can feel the emotion of her words.  I urge all who are interested in expanding their artistic ear to find Leg and hear her speak, sing, or play.  She’s not hard to find.  Leg is not only a personal friend but a great artist in almost all aspects of art.  Please check her out “brain squishies” on Tumblr. You can view videos of her singing and reciting poetry at her Facebook page and yes, you can also reach her via Twitter. Please check her out and feel free to contact her at any of the sites listed above; she would love to talk to you.

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If you have someone you believe is an Aspiring Artist, please email me their contact information and why you feel they should be considered.  You can reach me at [email protected]