Land of the free?


To the editor,

The elections are calculated and we lost. One cannot believe that Tennesseans hide behind children and God to amend our state constitution to add hurtful words to it.

It is one thing to preach your opinion, but it’s another thing when you say you’re doing it for the good of all. When one reads what one has said or done, you start to wonder why and what is the true meaning of the action of a person.

And now, a large majority of my fellow Tennesseans voted on November 7 to add discrimination to our state constitution. I know everyone has their own opinion of things and life–but, people, wake up! You keep hiding behind God and children like I said before. All of you that are doing that are wrong. Yes, we all know that religion has a lot to do with almost everything in our country, and also here in the South and in Tennessee.

I feel if you truly believe in what the Bible says, then why do you judge and hate something that you think might be different? I say, get to know people before you start to Judge them; remember God loves everyone…not only you!
I also want to state this to you all across Tennessee and the country. I think we all need to get rid of the word "free."

How can this country be the land of the free when laws are put in place by a vote to hurt others, and not give the same rights as everyone else? The rights that all deserve, regardless of sexuality or religion.

You know slavery was abolished in this country many years ago; yet here we all are in the 21st century and slavery is still among many shapes and form. Think about that people, before you vote on laws to hurt and to discriminate.

L. Dunn
Millersville, Tenn.
[email protected]