Judge says Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed out-of-state

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U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn ruled that a provision of Kentucky's constitutional ban against same-sex marriage "treats gay and lesbian persons differently in a way that demeans them."

In the 23-page ruling, Heyburn rules that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports:

Ruling in a suit brought by four gay and lesbian couples, Heyburn said that while "religious beliefs … are vital to the fabric of society … assigning a religious or traditional rationale for a law does not make it constitutional when that law discriminates against a class of people without other reasons."

While the ruling does not invalidate Kentucky's ban against performing same-sex marriage, it is another step for equality in Kentucky.

A similar case is being tried in Tennessee although attorney Abby Rubenfeld was not available for immediate comment.


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