Josh & Michael recount their big gay Nashville wedding in ABC web series

josh michael gay friends married abc for web.jpg

A gay couple who had perhaps the biggest wedding in all of LGBT Nashville history has shared their story on a new web series available on the ABC-TV app and online.

Josh Johnson and Michael Popham were wed at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum back on December 13, 2014 — 12/13/14! — and they shared that story with O&AN, and graced our cover, for the February 2015 issue. The couple also provided us with these exclusive photos from their big day. 

Now in a 9 minute segment for the show All My Gay Friends Are Getting Married, comedian and former co-host of The View Michelle Collins spoke with the two.

Watch the episode that features Josh and Michael.

Last week ABC-TV revamped its streaming app so that, in addition to current ABC offerings such as Modern Family, blackish, and Greys Anatomy, viewers can watch classic TV shows like Ugly Betty and My So-Called Life. As well, viewers are treated to no less than seven new online-only series, one of which is the new All My Gay Friends Are Getting Married. For more information, see this release. Download the app here.


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