Josey Greenwell Is Back At It With “Cowboy”

Josey Greenwell City Games Promo
Josey Greenwell City Games promo photo

Josey Greenwell, who had previously positioned himself as a gay role model for kids coming out of the closet, disappeared from the music scene after his publicists attempt to remake him into Nate Green, a straight heartthrob marketed to teen girls. A few weeks ago, former Nashville bartender, gay cover model, and musician Greenwell released a new single “Cowboy” from his forthcoming album, City Games, to be released later this year. This week, Greenwell has released the Dave Audé remix of the single, which is available to listen to now across streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

On the new remix, Greenwell shares, “Dave is a legendary DJ, and I was lucky enough to meet him a few years ago. Once the opportunity came up for a ‘Cowboy’ remix, I knew I wanted to collaborate with Dave on it. I reached out and he immediately was into the record! Dream come true. He put such a fun dance beat to it, that was so different from the original.”

According to his publicist, “Growing up in Kentucky, a passion for music led Greenwell to Nashville in pursuit of a career as a singer/songwriter. After years of honky-tonks and unfulfilled wishes, he set the guitar down and turned to his next love, fitness, and made the move to the Big Apple. Now, as one of the city’s most prominent fitness instructors, his love for music and songwriting prevails as he steps back into his artistry rhythm and gears up to release his first full length album in over a decade. Fueled with city inspiration and slick pop production, the sound behind the upcoming record, City Games, is almost as surprising as Greenwell’s return.”

Back as Greenwell, Josey just might make it in the music game this go ’round! Good luck!