Instinct magazine selects Nashvillian for November’s “Bachelor of the Month”


Just one year after it diarized a minute-by-minute blind date of two local gay boys here in Music City, Los Angeles-based Instinct magazine has returned to Nashville, this time to profile Adam Davis as its Bachelor of the Month.

Best known as “Intern Adam” from the morning show “Woody & Jim in the Morning” at radio station The River, Adam is poised to become a reality television star. He recently began filming for the TLC series, “Tuckerville” starring country star Tanya Tucker.

Last Thursday, Adam raced into OutLoud! after numerous calls to the store in anticipation of the street date for the November issue which, yes, hit newsstands that same day.

“I’ve never seen this before,” he said, “so you’re gonna get my first reaction here!” What followed was the classic gay-guy-in-the-magazine-tearing-it-to-shreds-yet-gushing-all-over-it show we’ve all seen, and performed, a million times.

“It’s all the way back on page 80?!” he exclaimed, feigning disappointment that Instinct hadn’t moved “Bachelor of the Month” to the front.

“I like how it says: ‘HAIR & EYES – hazel’” he said. “My hair is hazel?”

“My hair has changed since then. Be sure to tell everybody that.”

In person, Adam does look much different than the photo in Instinct suggests. And the photos here don’t seem to do him justice either. He begged we not take these shots, yet relented without much argument.

Though he and Instinct Photography Editor Jonathan Riggs have been in conversation for months coordinating a profile of some sort for the magazine (“he considered a cover, too” Adam added), it wasn’t until country star Tanya Tucker hired him that the perfect opportunity presented itself.

“I’ve been hired as Tanya’s personal assistant,” he said. Because the show tapes well in advance of each episode’s first broadcast date, Adam was reluctant to reveal specifically how life has changed since becoming a member of Tucker’s posse. “I think I make my debut – [he smiles wide] – some time in November, I think the weekend of the 5 th. All I can say right now is it’s an interesting process how I got the job!”

Adam offers nothing but praise for his newest employer. “She’s a fun person to be around,” he said. “Hard to keep up with her sometimes!” TLC (Comcast cable channel 45) will debut two half-hour episodes every Saturday at 9:00pm. The 26-episode season of Tuckerville will run through January.

Longtime listeners of The River and the Woody and Jim show will be surprised by Adam’s affection to the hosts. “They aren’t as cruel as they seem on the air,” he said, “even when they’re making me do embarrassing things. It’s a paid gig, too. Intern Adam isn’t really an intern…so I can actually afford to go on a date,” he said, likely referring to his newfound Bachelor of the Month status. “Might be at Krystal, but I can afford it!"