‘Instinct Magazine’ profiles Nashville in July issue


by Brent Meredith & Jerry Jones
Editor & Publisher

“Instinct Magazine,” one of the country’s largest gay men’s magazines often referred to as a mix of “Cosmo” meets “Details,” has turned its editorial headlights on Nashville. This coverage marks the largest series of feature articles ever written about GLBT Nashville by a national gay publication.

“Instinct” has more than 263,000 readers and uses several pages from its July issue to feature Nashville as part of the regular “Go” [travel] section.

“We’ve always been big fans of Southern boys so we ‘volunteer-ed’ to size them up for ourselves,” explained Jonathan Riggs, senior associate editor.

Tennessee is listed as number 20 on “Instinct’s” top 25 readership markets.

Riggs said The Jugg Sisters (famous for their trailer park chic “Nash Trash” pink bus tours) mix up some margaritas to welcome readers to Music City. From there, “Instinct” tries to break its streak of blind date bad luck from the last several issues by setting up two handsome bartenders as part of its monthly “blind date” feature.

“Then, it’s time to check in with a slightly more established couple (three years in, looking to buy a house together and very much in love) to see if they can win over our patented ‘Instinct Magic 8 Ball Date Ball’…or not,” Riggs said with a laugh as the couple feature turns on Joey and Dan. (You’ll have to pick up a July issue to find out exactly who Joey and Dan are.)

For those of you looking to be part of a couple, “Instinct” also profiles the extremely cute and talented bachelor and designer David, who might just be your perfect match. (You didn’t think we’d spoil the surprise by printing his last name, did you?)

“Time to turn from love to money and focus on our entrepreneurs of the month, the owners of The Blooming Boutique,” Riggs said. “Sure, gay male florists might be stereotypical, but there’s nothing clichéd about the way these guys do a booming (and blooming) business.”

Finally, with the help of local experts, “Instinct” has put together a list that national readers can use to help plan their ultimate Nashville trip. 

“We bid goodbye to Music City with drinks at Tribe,” Riggs said. “It’s where we snap pictures of the four cutest guys in the place. We had such a great time in Tennessee that we’re already planning to come back.”

Other notable Nashville spots mentioned throughout the pages include the Country Music Hall of Fame, Play, The Chute, Lucky’s Garage, Bluebird Café, Red, Sambuca, Mirror, Pancake Pantry, Joe Clothing, Opry Mills Mall, Nashville Hilton, Loews Vanderbilt, along with special thanks to Michael Fluck/Bridgestone and “Out & About Newspaper.”

You can pick up a copy of “Instinct” at OutLoud, Border Books, Tower Records, and Barnes and Nobles. For more information and additional on-line content visit www.instinctmag.com.