Inglewood Neighborhood Associations working hard


I want to thank you for the excellent article on Inglewood (p. 44, June issue of “O&AN”). I am an at large committee member of the Inglewood Neighborhood Associations (INA) and have worked hard to do my part to make Inglewood a very desirable neighborhood.

I have worked with a landscape architect to landscape the Gallatin Pike/Briley Parkway interchange on the northern entrance to Inglewood. I am also working on the infrastructure for the new Home Depot on Joyce Lane.

However, it is very frustrating for me when my gay friends do not participate in the INA association.  If we (GLBT) are to be seen as just like most people with the same desires and hopes, then we need to get involved with organizations that work toward these ends.

We just completed a survey of the neighborhood that we hope will help us direct the revitalization of the Inglewood neighborhood.

Everyone likes a party, but it is the day-to-day hard work that will make our neighborhood safe, beautiful, environmentally sensitive, sustainable and healthy.

Anthony J. Viglietti
[email protected]