Ikner releases comedic collection with ‘Packers & Poodles’


Oh sure there is much debate regarding gay marriage, and the civil rights movement for the gays is a hot button in general. But, Christy Ikner with her collection, “Packers & Poodles,” attempts to diffuse the tempers of the right-wingers and slant the halos of the Christian coalition by offering a comedic sneak peak into the world of women loving women. After all, it’s hard to hate when you’re side-tracked by laughter.

“Packers & Poodles” is a tongue-in-cheek term created by Ikner to identify the personalities and characteristics of the stereotypical relationship of butch to femme women. Hilarious, provocative and emotional, “Packers & Poodles” shares the big, gay woman secrets of Midol, Mojo, the lesbian hex and “teasing the beaver.”  Join Ikner in her world of crazy women and the one she loves the most — her wife, her love, her poodle, Jenn.

Nashville’s gay community has been privileged to laugh at, with and about Christy through her musings, rants and raves in her “O&AN” “Insider’s Report” column for four years. For the first time, Ikner has bound some of your favorite articles, some new thoughts, some new pet peeves and more gripes and groans. You don’t want to miss out on having a copy of this collection that was compiled with Nashville’s gay community in mind.

The book was officially released to stores July 1 and is also available through Amazon.com or can be purchased from www.packersandpoodles.com.