HRC, Victory Fund, cultural center and religious spotlight


The April shows of Out & About Today on NewsChannel 5+ will feature an interview with HRC President Joe Solmonese; David Taylor talks about the Victory Fund; James Hawke discusses the new GLBT cultural center; Greg Bullard is part of the religious spotlight and Pam and Jerry will have their commuity roundtable segments.

Topics on Show 1 include:
Show 1 will air:  April 6, 7, 8; 20, 21 and 22

NEWS SEGMENT: Brent interivews HRC President Joe Solmonese.
The Human Rights Campaign is the largest national Lesbian and Gay political organization in the United States. O & A Today host Brent Meredith talks with Joe Solmonese about HRC and its use of local funds and the support it receives from Nashville.

ROUNDTABLE SEGMENT:  Pam is joined by  guests  Rachel Taylor, Joe Brant, and Gary Smith.


ENTERTAINMENT SEGMENT: Jeremy talks to James Hawke about Nashville’s new GLBT Cultural Center.

James Hawke, executive director of Out Centeral, Inc., talks about the new GLBT cultural center. 

Topics on Show 2 include:
Show 2 will air: April 13, 14, 15; 27, 28, 29 

NEWS SEGMENT: Pam talkes with David Taylor about the Victory Fund.
David Taylor is a new board member on the Victory Fund and is working to help open GLBT citizens get elected to any level of office.

ROUNDTABLE SEGMENT: Jerry is joined by guests Shane Burkett, Kim Council and Jimmy Witty. 

ENTERTAINMENT SEGMENT: Jeremy talks to Greg Bullard from Covenant of the Cross in the religious spotlight.
Greg Bullard talks about Covenant of the Cross and why this is a very special year for the church.