Hersband and Wife: Heteroflexible?


Dear Hersband and Wife,

I have a problem to ask you about, and I hope you can answer this one. I am a straight woman but I think about women all the time. I have a best friend that I think is bi-curious and I have moments where I just want to jump her. She is so hot, and I get so turned on by her that I just cant stand it any more. Should I make a move or just say something to her? Or just forget it and move on?

Heteroflexible and wondering

Ok Heteroflexible,

I am a butch here. So I do not know about straight and wanting to jump your bi-friend. What I do know is if you are thinking about women all the time…straight would not be you. Also if you want to jump your bi friend and she is hot and you are not in a liaison with a guy….well, then heck, I would I would be telling her how hot she is and let her ask if you are kidding. Clear that up ASAP! And get it on with the hot babe. I would not miss another minute of her.

I always think these are good butch perspectives.


Dear Heteroflexible,

Wow, what a quandary you are in. First of all, are you sure you are really straight? Sounds to me like you, yourself are questioning your own sexuality as well as your possible bi-curious friend. It amazes me when women get attracted to their friend in such a way that they actually fantasize about them in an extreme sexual manner and then still claim to be straight.  In my book that is called at least bi-curious, bi, or gender-fluid but in no way shape or form is it heterosexual or in my experience "heteroflexible."

Now on to what you should do with your friend…I would talk to her and let her know your feelings for her. Do not blind side her with this and just make a "butch" move because if you do you could run the risk of loosing a friendship. Ask her if she is bi-curious, ask her if she has ever had the thought of a female sexual relationship. If you are close enough friends you should be able to have this conversation without any type of weirdness.  If you are not that type of friends, well, become that type of friends with her, and then have that conversation. Then let her know you think she is hot and you want to "jump her." Then go to Sam Goody and get some Barry White, then go to Yankee Candle and get some cinnamon and vanilla candles, light them all around the bedroom and, well "LETS GET IT ON" (in my best Barry White voice).  

That is just my humble opinion as a femme.


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