Has your company signed the Tennessee Thrives pledge yet?

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A coalition of nearly 200 businesses have joined forces to send a message to the state legislature: Tennessee does not support anti-LGBT legislation.

And Tennessee Thrives is actively looking for more businesses to sign the pledge.

A statement on the new Tennessee Thrives website reads: The Tennessee economy thrives when leading corporations, small businesses and community leaders from across the state unite behind the core belief that our state is stronger when we are inclusive of all hardworking people. If your company or organization agrees that being open and inclusive for all is a Tennessee value, join our coalition today.

in addition, the site states "key facts" about economic life in Tennessee, highlighting:

  • Recognition as one of the best states for business
  • Tourism
  • Private sector job growth
  • Foreign direct job investment
  • 300 international companies are located in Tennessee
  • Tennessee ranked 4th best for retirement

Companies interested in supporting the coalition can sign the pledge here. See also on this page a list of organizations that have already pledged their support.