Has your car been towed from Church Street in the past year?


If you have been the vicitm of possible illegal towing from the Church Street area in Nashville, you are urged to contact Joey Brown at joe@playdancebar.com by Friday morning, March 7.

Church Street businesses which have experienced illegal towing include Club Blu, Blue Jeans, Play, Tribe, Lucky’s and Red Restaurant. Out & About Newspaper has previously reported on these activities here and here.

Brown said he was compiling a list of names of people who may have been towed or the victim of potentially illegal practices and needed Out & About Newspaper’s readers to help compile that list. He urged anyone who had been towed in the past year to contact him at joe@playdancebar.com by Friday morning, March 7.

An email that was sent out by Play and Tribe states: "There is a tow truck company that has been towing cars, many illegally, along church street lately. Customers of all GLBT businesses on the street have been affected. we are working aggressively with the city and the state to stop illegal towing by this company. If you have been a victim of illegal towing, please contact JOE BROWN via email at joe@playdancebar.com.

– Provide the date you were towed, where you parked, and

– Your name and phone number.