Hamblen County may choose to formally protest marriage equality

hamblen county on tn map for web.jpg

County commissioners in tiny Hamblen County in northeast Tennessee will decide this week if the county will formally protest the state's acquiescence to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision which granted marriage equality.

The non-binding resolution identifies marriage as between one man and one woman and calls on the state to reject the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Obergefell v. Hodges from 2015.

In response, the Tennessee Equality Project is asking supporters to express their opinion regarding the proposed resolution at the commissioners' meeting this Thursday, December 21 via this Facebook event page.

“One positive out of this is that maybe the County Commission does not know there are LGBT people in their community,” TEP Executive Director Sanders told the Citizen Tribune. “Now they will.” Nine Tennessee counties have already approved similar resolutions.

Non-binding resolutions may seem inconsequential, especially when they come from small, sparsely populated counties where the likelihood of LGBT residents is not great. But an organization called the Patriot's Brigade of Tennessee is organizing similar resolutions in multiple counties across the state, its intention being to create a groundswell or snowball effect in order to compel the state to act.

Thanks to Candy Durman for posting this screenshot of the proposed resolution to the protest event page on Facebook.

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