Sheila Barnard, Realtor, THE REALTY ASSOCIATION


    I have been in real estate for 17 years… lived in Nashville the entire time.  I know this city and surrounding areas very well.   I have been top sales agent several different times in my career, won favorite realtor of the year locally 3 times.  “I believe in HUMAN RIGHTS!”

    I care about you the buyer… I try to always “Do Unto Others as I Want Done Unto Myself”.   Sellers, I feel the exact same, too!  I will devote 100% to your situation… I realize the importance of your investment.  I know to ALWAYS suggest highly to you to get home inspections and any other inspection you desire.  We look at foundations, electrical, plumbing, roofs, floors, windows, etc. and of course, LOCATION.   We shop until you find the home you want… no matter how long you may take in the process.