Edgehill United Methodist Church


    Edgehill United Methodist Church welcomes and has always welcomed all people into the circle of God’s love, including people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We stand in active resistance to the decisions of the United Methodist General Conference in February 2109 that does further harm to those already harmed by the church – primarily our LGBTQI siblings. We recommit ourselves to being a loving, healing, inclusive, and justice seeking community that affirms the sacred worth of all God’s children. Each week as we gather around the communion table we proclaim in unison, “Everyone has a Place at This Table!”

    Edgehill UMC is an inclusive justice oriented congregation founded in 1966 in response to the Civil Rights movement as the first intentionally integrated congregation in Nashville. It soon became a leader in the push for gay rights with members leading the early the Affirmation movement. As the first reconciling congregation in the Southeast Jurisdiction, Edgehill continues to fight for equality for the LGBTQ+ community and actively engages systemic injustice in many areas.