When it comes to the world of country music, the LGBT community can never have too many friends. In an industry where even gender-bending lyrics can get a song effectively banned from radio play, vocal allies still play a major role in normalizing LGBT people. Gretchen Wilson’s red carpet appearance last night afforded her the opportunity to do just that.

Last night, Wilson made a big splash at the Country Music Awards in a jumpsuit that was a bit different than her normal stylings—jeans and a big belt buckle. Asked about the outfit, Wilson admitted, “This is pretty out of the ordinary.”

The explanation? “I met a friend this year, and he is my new ‘gusband’ … a gay husband…. And he told me there is no way you’re going to the red carpet in the same old drab, drab yucky that you’ve always done. So he took this jumpsuit and basically turned it into something that was fabulously me … and he made me feel like a princess…”

From left to right: Jessie Goergen, Jaclyn Kenyon, Chad Laboy, Gretchen Wilson

In the video below, Wilson identifies her ‘gusband’ as Chad LaBoy, in case anyone wants to borrow him. Laboy is well-known in the Nashville community, and was previously featured by O&AN when he and his then-fiancé appeared as a newly-engaged couple in a Kelly Clarkson video for ‘Heart Beat Song.’

Newly single—if you don’t count his husbandhood to Wilson—had this to say about Wilson’s appearance and comments:

“I am no newbie to being a Gusband (Gay Husband), but never to someone as redneck and fabulous as Gretchen Wilson. We are just having so much fun with it all! I have to say, getting her to agree to being all glamored up was no easy task. But once we started with the crystals, she definitely wanted more! I believe that Gretchen Wilson is a queen and she deserves to feel like one too. It has been such an honor and a huge privilege to design her clothes, and to see her shine in them on the CMA Red Carpet has been such a thrill for me.”

We look forward to hearing more from this ‘couple’ in the near future!



  1. This is so cool!! Love that Gretchen Wilson is about the LGBT community! I definitely think this is a huge step for Country music! Thanks for sharing! And she looks absolutely stunning in that dress!! She definitely has a very talented Gusband!

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