Gayborhood opens five new offices


Carma Productions’ Gayborhood App has moved forward with five additional offices and new features for the users of the application.

The mission of Gayborhood: to help bring discrimination based on sexual orientation to an end by providing the LGBTQ community with electronic resourcing that bring gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses to the fingertips of the LGBTQ community nationwide.

In the last three months, Gayborhood has opened five satellite offices, in Chicago; Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN, and in Tampa-St. Petersburg and Orlando, FL. These offices sign up gay and gay-friendly businesses and services for ads on Gayborhood, increasing the resources available to the gay community.

“These five new offices are right on plan for our nationwide growth,” said Thomas Ryan, chief financial officer and publisher of Carma Productions, Inc. “We now have offices in five states and six markets and serve 41 cities. And we’re scheduled to open at least 10 more satellite offices in 2011.”

To increase visibility for Gayborhood and its advertisers, it has released a new App Button (“Find Us on Gayborhood”) for advertiser web sites to take visitors to the Gayborhood App. With one click, they download the application to their iTunes account or Droid. Gayborhood currently has 5,000 advertisers with access to display this consumer-friendly feature.