Gay marriage could be $36 millon windfall for Tennessee

same sex couple feature image.jpg

NASHVILLE – A new study released today by the Williams Institute shows that Tennessee could see a significant economic boost from extending the freedom to marry to same-sex couples. According to estimates, nearly 5,500 couples would choose to marry in Tennessee over the next three years, resulting in a potential increase of more than $36 million to Tennessee’s economy.

The report also shows an expected increase of $23.5 million in the first year alone and hundreds of new jobs likely generated in state from increased business and tourism.

In response to this study, Tennessee Equality Project Executive Director Chris Sanders released the following statement:

“Tennessee can’t afford to miss out on such an incredible opportunity to create jobs and increase revenue. Excluding same-sex couples from marriage not only harms real Tennessee families, but it also hurts our entire state economy. As more and more Tennesseans talk about marriage and why it matters, as we have been doing around the state with our national partners at Freedom to Marry, they’re coming to realize that it’s time to stop singling out same-sex couples and families and treating them differently under the law. By welcoming these couples and families into marriage, we would not only be protecting and strengthening families – we’d also be making our state a more attractive place to do business.”

The full Williams Institute study can be found here.