Gay dating advice from One Good Love


By Mark Strong, Certified Professional Life Coach

My name is Mark Strong and I’m a gay Life Coach based in NYC who helps people in our community explore, enhance and expand their lives. I spend a great deal of time focused on helping clients find and nurture relationships and am excited to be part of the online community.


To get you moving in the right direction, here are 5 “must remember” steps that are true for every relationship-minded man or woman who searches for love online.


You’ve been searching your dating site for someone you find attractive, interesting and like-minded. You’ve finally found someone you would love to meet but are nervous about making contact. You want to make a great first impression but have no idea how to begin. What do you say? What don’t you say?

If you follow these guidelines, you will write a great introductory email without sounding insincere, cheesy or arrogant.


When it comes to breaking it off with someone, we tend to let fear get the best of us. Some of us choose to fly the scene and let our silence do the work. This is a readily available crutch, especially in the world of online dating. I am sure you have been at the receiving end of this at some point so you know how it feels when someone disappears. It sucks.

Don’t pull a Houdini. Man/woman up and be honest about your feelings and your desire to end the relationship.

You can easily overcome the fear and discomfort of ending a relationship by keeping these things in mind.

Mark Strong (aka The Gay Life Coach) helps gay men and women all over the world explore, enhance and expand their lives. He divides his time with his partner Craig in NYC’s Chelsea and upstate New York with their French bulldog named Izzy.