Gay athletes tell their stories


by Joshua T. Dies

America’s gay and lesbian newsmagazine In the Life reports on gay and lesbian athletes in the world of sports, including an exclusive podcast with newly out former NBA star John Amaechi available now.

In the Life will air “The Last Closet,” a report on the pressure gay athletes feel to keep their sexuality a secret despite personal anguish, on various PBS stations in April, although no broadcast is scheduled in Nashville. The program, which is hosted by legendary out athlete and veteran sports reporter Diana Nyad, will be available for download on April 16.

Formerly with the Orlando Magic and now retired and living in the UK, John Amaechi announced publicly for the first time that he is gay during ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” in February of this year, setting a firestorm of media attention.

In the newsmagazine’s podcast, Amaechi responds to various questions about his experiences living in the closet while playing in the NBA and comments on recent homophobic statements made by former NBA player Tim Hardaway.

Amaechi recently began a national book tour for his forthcoming memoir “Man in the Middle,” which traces his life from early childhood to until he was bought out of his contract with the New York Knicks in 2004.

The full program includes a rare and in-depth look at #1 World ranked lightweight and World Boxing Council Champion Ann Marie Saccurato and her partner Angel Bovee, female competitors in the aggressive and male identified sport of boxing.

“A Ring Of Their Own” spotlights these remarkable women who made a different choice than many elite athletes at the peak of their competitive careers by living out and proud.

In the Life’s “The Last Closet” will be available for download on April 16 at The extended interview with John Amaechi is available for download now at