Free rides offered on New Year’s Eve


There are two local programs offering a FREE ride home to those who wish to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a little too much alcohol. Both programs are designed to cut down on drunk driving.

Davidson’s County Sheriff’s Office offering free rides

Tennessee Titans, Brooks & Dunn, and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) – What do they have in common?  All have big events going on New Year’s Eve and if you go to either of the first two, you may need to call the third.

“For the 23rd year in a row, the DCSO will offer free, safe, and sober rides home to those who have had too much to drink – all you have to do is call 862-RIDE.  With so many events going on downtown, our service is needed now more than ever.  It has become a Nashville tradition that we are proud to continue,” Sheriff Daron Hall said.

Because of the large concentration of people in the downtown area, a Sober Ride “bus stop” will be located around Second Avenue and Commerce.  From there, people will be taken by passenger bus to a staging area at LP Field, placed in smaller vehicles, and then taken to their destination.  Should the Tennessee Titans play a night game, the staging area will be moved to another location.

“If you are near Second Avenue, you don’t even have to call the number.  Just go to this bus stop and you will get a ride from there.  We have found this is the most efficient way of getting people out of the congested downtown area,” Hall said. 

All drivers are sheriff’s office employees and many of the nearly 150 volunteers have made Sober Ride their New Year’s Eve tradition.  There are also those who work behind the scenes answering phones, mapping pick-up locations, dispatching drivers, and overseeing operations.

Drivers will take people home, not to another party or bar, and serves Davidson County.  No reservations allowed.

“The most important decision someone will make this holiday – or any holiday for that matter – is to not drink and drive.  I encourage anyone who has had one too many to call Sober Ride and arrive home safely,” Hall added.

For a free, safe, and sober ride home this New Year’s Eve, call 862-RIDE.  Operating hours are from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

This project is funded in part under an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, Governor’s Highway Safety Office and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.



Tow To Go offers free ride and tow

"Tow to Go" is a joint project of AAA Auto Club South, the Governor’s Highway Safety Office and Budweiser. “Tow to Go,” a program that offers adults who choose to drink alcohol beverages a free ride home and a free tow of their vehicle.

“Tow to Go” is very simple to use. Adults who need a ride home from bars or restaurants this holiday season can simply call 1-800-AAA-HELP. AAA will dispatch a tow truck and will take both the driver and the vehicle home, free of charge. This service is available to everyone — both AAA members and non-members.

"Tow to Go" is a program offering Members and Nonmembers, a confidential free-ride home and tow of their vehicle in order to avoid a potential drunk-driving situation.

  • Since its inception in 1998, "Tow to Go" has safely removed more than 5,500 potentially drunk drivers from the roads
  • Call 1-800-AAA-HELP — the call will be directed to a ERS Call Center, depending on where the call originates
  • The AAA call taker knows to dispatch a contractor participating in the program (contractors have already agreed to be a part of the program)
  • The AAA contractor arrives at the vehicle and takes the vehicle and the driver safely home, free of charge to the motorist.