Four lesbian couples sue State of Tennessee over LGBT Erasure law

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Just days after Governor Haslam signed into law the controversial LGBT Erasure bill, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of four married couples—all lesbians—who seek clarification that the assumed parentage of their unborn children will not be undone by the new law.

Targeting the Erasure law directly, the lawsuit asserts that their marriages will continue to, by definition, identify both spouses as parents of their children. The claim is in accordance with assumptions made across the board in light of the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision from 2015 that granted marriage equality across the U.S. but it faces potential conflict with the newly passed "natural and ordinary" meanings law. Lawmakers hoped the new law, dubbed a "sneaky LGBT Erasure bill" by the Tennessee Equality Project, would direct the judiciary to interpret words such as 'husband' and 'wife' to refer exclusively to male/female couples.

Read the full text of the court filing here…

Lawsuit filed upon passage of the LGBT Erasure bill in TN by Joseph Brant on Scribd